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Restricted Items

Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Some items listed below can be shipped via certain alternative methods.  Please enquire about the options available



Please note that it is the shippers responsibility to disclose if a shipment
contains either metal ion or lithium ion batteries in ANY quantity.
Shipments containing these materials may not be accepted for carriage
and our standard courier quote may not be valid.

Dangerous Goods

Includes but is not limited to Perfumes, Flammable Items, Aerosols

Outsized / Special / Fragile

Please contact us with details


Other restricted items include but is not limited to:
Cash, Counterfeit goods, semi-precious or precious stones or metal, pornography,
firearms including replicas, Human remains


Dear Client,

We regret to inform you that deceptive emails have been reportedly sent to all our customers, falsely claiming to represent Royale International.

These fraudulent emails inform you that we have changed our bank and bank account number and request that you update your payment systems.

This is incorrect and an attempt at Fraud.
We do not bank with Standard Bank and have not changed any of our company details.

If you suspect that there already has been a fraudulent transaction, Standard Bank have advised us that it should be reported to your own bank first and a fraud case opened.

Please inform our accounts team immediately if this is the case at

To help you distinguish authentic correspondence from Royale International:

  1. **Verify the Sender's Email Address:** Legitimate emails from Royale International will always come from our official domain: Exercise caution if emails come from any other domain.
  2. **Exercise Caution with Urgent or Unusual Requests:** Should you receive an email requesting immediate action or containing an unusual appeal, we recommend verifying its legitimacy by contacting us via telephone.
  3. **Never Disclose Sensitive Information:** We will never ask you to share sensitive information.  If you encounter such a request, treat it with suspicion, as it is likely an attempt to deceive.
  4. **Confirm Through Trusted Channels:** If you receive an email that raises doubt, kindly reach out to our customer service team via our official website or telephone number to verify its authenticity.

We have a commitment to your security. If you encounter any suspicious emails purporting to be from Royale International, we kindly request that you forward them to us at for thorough investigation.