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Garments, shoes and accessories

Royale Africa is a preferred international and domestic courier for manufacturers and merchants in the Garments, Shoes and Accessories industry.

Royale Africa has shipped garments, shoes, and accessories for many years with an on-the-ground presence in most garment manufacturing centres. The international courier service extends to all of Asia with a network of strategically-placed offices including 19 in China and several in Asia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

When samples are ordered online in USA, UK, Europe or Asia for delivery to our local office, they are consolidated and all paperwork is prepared. Royale Africa’s Courier Import Mutilation Service (MUT) ensures that shipments are compliant with SARS regulations.

Managing shipments internally offers numerous benefits, such as more expedient and easier customs experiences, improved communication, and accountability.

Clients may contact the South African headquarters for guidance on the branch best positioned to assist them.