Case Studies

Ted Baker


Little introduction is needed. Having launched as a shirt specialist of some repute in Glasgow, Ted Baker quickly became the place to buy some of the very best contemporary men’s shirting around. Attention to detail and a quirky sense of humour, so much so in fact that the first stores used to provide a laundry service for every shirt purchased! Ted remains one of the fastest growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK.


As Ted Baker’s brand exploded through the 2000’s and has continued to prosper, managing and supporting Ted’s growing logistics needs over the decades has required focus and dedication in an ever-changing landscape. Whether it be pre-production samples, salesman samples, visual merchandising or finished goods destined to end-consumers; the huge scale of the operation, moving many hundreds of shipments a day globally and monitoring all of the moving parts in the supply chain whilst maintaining visibility posed a significant challenge.


Within our courier product, the ultimate solution has been communication. Gaining the trust of key stakeholders and being available 24/7/365 to meet the every demand of the customer. Our international courier product has seen over 120,000 shipments moved in our 15 year + relationship with Ted. Local market knowledge across complex regions has proved pivotal in providing a working solution to Ted. Royale has facilitated the movement from suppliers, factories, agencies and 3PL’s worldwide to keep their supply chains running smoothly. A true partnership.